Dragonfly Pool & Spa, LLC
Est. 2003

General swimming pool contractor.  We specialize in modern, easy to use, and self cleaning swimming pools and spas.  We also specialize in the renovation of existing pools and spas, bringing them up to Dragonfly standards. 

Our Code of Ethics:

We are honest and treat our customers with respect.

We do not disrespect other Pool Builders.

We strive to explain pool equipment and other choices during the design and sales process.  Preferring to offer choices with our guideance based on over 20 years of experience.

There is no best choice, only a best choice for each individual customer based on their expectations and budget.

Our equipment suppliers are not based on cost, rather on quality, ease of maintenance, and longevity.

Our subcontractors are not chosen based on price, rather on quality of work.  We do not pressure our subcontractors to lower their prices to get the job.  Quality over cost.

We strive to achieve low warranty call backs, and minimize after warranty service by choosing to install the best equipment available, and to maintain a high level of knowledge and research,  while it may seem silly, reading the instruction manuals is one of the top ways we achieve this. 

We think in 10 year units, not on the 2 year warranty requirement of State Law.  This means if we see excessive failures in a 10 year span, we reevaluate the part to see if a better part is availible, or discontinue that part.

Pools should be low maintenance, and stay attractive for an extended period of time.  The choices to match aesthetics with durability are part of our presentation process.  Anyone can display pretty pool that is only a few years old, but we strive to build pools which will look good after 20 years or more.

8 Reviews
Relationship: ClientProject Date: May 2008

Working with Paul Ladin / Dragonfly pools was a great experience. Very professional and curteous. He was very helpful in the layout of the pool and spa to make sure it integrated well with the rest of...Read More

Eric Eric
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Nov 2015

I'm very happy with the job Dragonfly Pool did to design and build the pool for our new house. Paul has tremendous experience and was fantastic about answering all the detailed questions I had and be...Read More

Mark Norton
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Apr 2013

Paul, with Dragonfly Pool & Spa, is a great pool builder who will tell it like it is, stand by what he does, and is there for you after the fact for regular servicing and to handle any technical probl...Read More

Jeff Maltzman
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Mar 2014

Dragonfly helped us remodel our pool area a couple year ago. Working with our primary contractor, Paul and his crew did a great job revamping our old pool. Paul's presentation of services and options...Read More

Laurie Charlton
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Nov 2014

We were fortunate enough to purchase a home that had a pool designed and built by Paul. He is always incredibly helpful and patient whenever we have a question or concern. His maintenance service is e...Read More

Brienne Dylewski
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Apr 2011

Paul is a consummate professional. He was knowledgeable, hands-on, and dedicated to getting everything done RIGHT! Paul never hesitated to explain a feature or piece of equipment and he showed us mult...Read More

Manuel Modiano
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Apr 2005

Paul built our pool 11 years ago, and has always been there to ensure that everything works today as it did when the pool was built. He is responsive, reliable, accountable and honest. The pool was bu...Read More

Relationship: ClientProject Date: May 2014

Paul was great to work with. He knows his stuff when it comes to pools and how they work. He installed the pop ups for cleaning and they work very well. Love our pool.Read More

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