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Dragonfly Pool and Spa LLC has built some of the most spectacular pools in Southern Arizona, from Negative Edge designs, to simple basic pools, our goal is provide our clients with the pool of their dreams which functions economically and easily.  We believe in low maintenance, energy efficiency, elegancy, ease of use, and low warranty return calls.  We design our pools and spas to have possibly the lowest warranty return calls of any builder in Arizona.  We do this by combining our experience in designing, installing, and performing routine service to make our decisions in which products to install in your pool.  If, through experience, we find a particular product or installation procedure is failing on even a small percentage of our pools, that product or procedure is changed.  We feel that if it costs us a little more to build your pool, but the pool has fewer and most cases no warranty calls, than you'll be happier with our product and feel confident to refer us to your friends and family for their new pool.  Furthermore, we also belive that if a pool has few warranty claims, it'll probably have few service calls after your warranty expires.

Our design process starts with you, the client.  We discuss what you want in a pool, how you plan to use it, and the expected bather load.  We analyze the project area, give you suggestions and feedback on how each design decision will impact your final pool installation and the maintenance and service issues associated with your design choices.

The Zen of our design process starts with a few basic ideas:

1.  There are few "best" choices.
Most choices have compromises and downsides.  An exception to this idea is equipment choices, we use Pentair Brand equipment for all new istallations.  Pentair pumps, filters, lights, automation are, in our opinion, the best pool equipment available for residential or commercial installations.  We have never compared prices between the different pool equipment manufacturers-never.  We have, however, compared quailty by networking with industrial professionals with access to propriatary test data on the different manufacturers.  While some manufacturers may have a good design here or there, Pentair has the most consistant quality and performance and warranty track record in our opinion.

An example of no best choice in a design decision would be the choice of a pool filter.  Currently there are 3 types of pool filtration systems: sand, cartridge, and diatamceous earth (DE).

advantage, easy backwash cycle
disadvantage, very large filter, cannot handle high flow rates (gallons per minute - gpm), sand wears out after a few years with difficult process to replace sand

Cartridge Filter:
advantage, high gpm flow rates which are required for best spa and infloor cleaning system performance.  Filter has a small installation footprint.
disadvantage, more difficult to clean than a sand filter, cleaning requires removing the filters and rinsing them.  Cleaning process can take up to 1 hour and is recommended 2 to 4 times per year.  Filters require replacement every few years costing a couple of hundred dollars or more depending on filter size.

DE filer:
advantage, clearest water quality, small installation footprint.
disadvantage, DE is a toxic substance with inhallation dangers associated with DE.  Backwashing is more difficult than a sand filter.  DE grids are difficult to clean and are easilly damaged when proper maintainence is diffured.

2.  You should purchase the simplest pool you can tolerate, not the most expensive you can afford.
What do we mean by simplist?  Rather than choose to add lots of complicated design choices, choose the design choices you really need, be thoughful about how your choices will impact your use of the pool.  Do you really need a large pool, or will a moderately sized pool perform the functions you need?  We can help you make thoughtful choices by giving you honest and accurate opinions and facts about the elements of design in a pool.

3.  Use the available area for the pool to your advantage.
When possible don't fight your yard, use it to the best possible advantage.  For instance, if  your yard slopes we can often come up with a design which takes advantage of the contours at the lowest construction cost and with an appealing aesthic design.
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