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Weekly Chemical and Mainentance:
Prices vary by pool. Typical range is $90 - $150

• Test water chemistry
• Adjust water chemistry
• Clean skimmer basket and pump strainer baskets
• Check equipment operation
• Net out debris at bottom of pool
• Visual inspection of the pool and equipment
• Backwash sand or DE filter
• Clean cartridge filters 3 times per year
• We no longer service Salt-Chlorine Pools - We can save you money by converting your pool to a regular chorine pool
• 25 lb chlorine provided at wholesale prices and stored your pool site
• Phosphate treatment, if needed is an additional cost

A note on Salt-Chlorine Pools: We do not service these pools any longer (except existing clients) due to the hazards involved in cleaning the conversion cells. Handling muriatic acid is dangerous to our techs and we no longer wish to run the risk of cleaning cells. Furthermore, from my experience I believe the following:

Salt-chlorine systems are not economical to operate in comparison to chlorine tablets.
Salt-chlorine systems cause damage to decks, tile grout, and metal components.
Salt-chlorine cells are difficult to clean requiring handing muriatic acid with all its risks.
Salt-chlorine systems are difficult to chemically balance. By the end of a service week, PH has typically
risen to 8.0 and greater.

Pool Tune-up: $140

• Test water chemistry
• Balance water chemistry
• Clean cartridge filters, clean D.E. Filter Grids, backwash sand filter
• Lube accessible o-rings: pump strainer basket, leaf-catcher o-rings, automated valve seals and o-rings
• Run all operations of pool system such as spa, heater, and water features
• We no longer service Salt-Chlorine Pools
We also do pool repairs. Click for more info on pool repair.
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