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Spectrum Amerlite(SAM): Description

The Spectrum Amerlite (SAm) is the world's first submersible color light for swimming pools and spas. The Spectrum Amerlite delivers a nearly infinite palette of brilliant water colors. Custom mix a color to match the evening's mood or let SAm slowly waltz your customer's pool from color to dazzling color. With twin 4,000 hour tungsten halogen bulbs, SAm delivers white light comparable to the 300W Amerlite you have relied on for decades. SAm color synchronizes with other SAms, SALs and with the FIBERworks PG2000. "Auto-color-roll" and swimming colors effects are available when used in combination with Pentair's IntelliTouch systems.

 Spectrum Amerlite(SAM): Featured Highlights

• Swimming colors available when used with IntelliTouch System
• Auto-color-roll w/IntelliTouch Synchronizes with PG2000
• UL Listed in full-size Pentair Pool Products/ PacFab/American/Purex niches
• Brilliant colors
• Exclusive Spectrum Color Roll
• Hold on custom color
• Controlled by a single switch
• White light equivalent of 300W Amerlite
• 4,000 hour halogen bulb life
• Simple 3-wire connection
• Color synchronization standard
• Great for new installations and for replacement of any Pentair Pool Products pool light

Spectrum Aqualite(SAL): Description

Automated color in a compact package- Now your customers can enjoy the dramatic color lighting effects of SAm in their spa. Spectrum AquaLight (SAL) produces the same revolutionary 7-color spectrum as our SAm light, but it comes in a compact package. Especially designed for spas, SAL provides breathtaking color at the flip of a switch - just like SAm. And if your customer has a pool/spa combination, they'll be glad to know that SAL easily synchronizes with SAm and PG 2000 FreedomSync models to provide a uniform display of ever-changing aquatic color.
 Spectrum Aqualite(SAL): Featured Highlights

• Swimming colors available when used with IntelliTouch System
• Produces same dramatic color mix as SAm light
• Synchronizes with SAm and FIBERworks PG2000
• Controlled by a single light switch
• Color roll or hold on a color
• 4,000-hour lamp life reduces relamping frequency
• Fits all SpaBrite and AquaLight niches
• Simple 3-wire connection for quick professional installation
Amerlite®: Description

Amerlite®, the world standard of reliability for underwater lights, features a stainless steel shell, 8-3/8 in. prismatic tempered glass lens, and stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp. Amerlite®s are UL listed to install in full- sized Pentair Pool Products, American, PacFab and Purex niches.

 Amerlite®: Featured Highlights

• World standard of reliability
• Stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp
• Superior light diffusion
• Prismatic tempered lens
• Gold diffused low water cutoff
• Medium blue lenses available
• Plastic snap-on face rings available for SS lights

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